#buzzfam community

Our community, dubbed the BUZZFAM (BUZZcoin Family), is of extreme importance and an essential part of BUZZcoin™.

We seek to attract those who are interested in a long term and sustainable open source project, as well as those that are interested in being part of a real world blockchain implementation.

The BUZZFAM community currently consists of an active following of more than 12,000 users. The community is kept up to date with the latest developments and innovations through our social communication channels.

Every day we are excited about how much enthusiasm, dedication and care our BUZZFAM is investing into the BUZZcoin project. We are truly grateful for our community and are looking forward to the future alongside our BUZZFAM.

Meet the Team

Our core team consists of a diverse group of professionals with extensive experience on melding the wonders of the Blockchain with real world application. Out of respect to the team members, some have chosen to use their internet handles versus a full name in order to protect their privacy.


Head Developer

Tonda has over 25 years of industry experience in all fields of programming and will ensure a solid chain of project development.

Maxim Polyarniy

Team Leader

Maxim Polyarniy is our head strategist, whose dependable insights, stellar network and expert decisions have built a solid foundation for BUZZcoin.


Web & Brand Identity

symb works for the world's biggest brands and is responsible for our identity, media asset creation and front-end development.

C. Durrwachter

Public Relations

With a background in operating an internet community in California, C. Durrwachter is our head of media operations and is utilizing her skills as head community lead on our discord.

Austin Witherow

Head Meditator

Austin Witherow cared that BUZZcoin continued to most optimally carry out its mission, with the goal of making BUZZcoin a truly impactful Blockchain implementation.

Perfumed Pelican


Pelican is our back-end infrastructure expert. He works for large-scale internet providers and brings serious manpower while maintaining our server-side technology.

Community Team

Nick Kauffman

HIVE Mind Advisor

Nick Kauffman is an expert in the open source community. He is working with us as an experienced community advisor and is a very active member on discord for the Smart Hive project.

Kevin Sorrell

Facebook Community

Kevin Sorrell from Australia is an online sales and social media expert veteran since 1994. He also specializes in SEO and is responsible for managing the BUZZcoin facebook group and instagram.

Mohsen Hossein

Community Graphics & Memes

Mohsenpsh is channeling his continuing passion for beekeeping and is using over a decade of experience in graphic design to become BUZZcoin's top community graphics and meme artist.

Support Team

Ismael Bautista


English Spanish Portuguese

Mathias Cetani


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English Slovene Serbian Croatian






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English Russian



Dutch English Spanish




For more information please download our latest whitepaper

Whitepaper Version 2.5

Get in Contact

Feel free to message us at any time - we are active on Twitter, Facebook and Discord. Support will only be provided on the public BUZZcoin Discord in the #support channel.