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More information about Wallet v3.1.1 update can be found here
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Reimbursement approval list
[20180310] All reimbursments have been sentDownload document

Getting Started Guide

Below is a step by step guide on how to get set up with the BUZZcoin Wallets.


BUZZcoin is an open source token project created for use solely within the BUZZcoin ecosystem. The team as well as the token and wallet developers are not responsible for your holdings, and or any lost or burned coins for any reasons, including lost private keys, malware, sending to invalid addresses, shutting down of exchanges, or any other scenario which results in lost tokens. To be safe we recommend storing coins only in the official wallet and properly backing up wallet data.

Even then, by using BUZZ you acknowledge the inherent risks within the cryptocurrency landscape and understand BUZZcoin developers cannot be held liable for lost coins. Only download the wallet from the links provided on the official website if you downloaded the wallet from any other sources, you are taking your own risks, and there is no guarantee these are not phishing or scam attempts.

Step 1: Read before getting started!

  • We maintain an updated FAQ here with technical setup specific help
  • macOS X versions are not working below macOS X 10.12

Step 2: Update to 3.1.1

Update to version 3.1.1 is a recommended patch for all users.
More information about the the v3.1.1 update can be found here blog post

  • 1) Create a backup of your wallet.dat through File > Backup Wallet and obtain the priv key ( instructions here )
  • 2) Close the wallet
  • 3) Download the latest 3.1.1 update
  • 4) Run updated executable
  • 5) You're all set!

If you run into any problems please read our FAQ first. If you still have questions or need help you can contact the community support team on the BUZZcoin community discord #support channel.

Please read our Full update guide

Step 3: Download Wallet 3.1.1

Below are the officially development compiled versions of the wallet for multiple platforms. All downloads are hosted on our official GitHub repository.

Only use the download links provided on this page. Do NOT download the BUZZ Wallet from any other source.

Step 4 (optional): Download Bootstrap

If this is your first installation and have never run a BUZZcoin Wallet, you must download and install the bootstrap. It is also recommended to download a new bootstrap file when you are updating or fixing a non-synchronizing wallet.

BUZZcoin has a very long history, and synchronizing the entire chain across the network can get stuck or take long to download. Please use this compiled bootstrap folder to sync within minutes.


If you have any questions please consider reading first through our frequently asked questions.

This has been fixed in BuzzCoin Wallet v3.1.1 - please update now. More details and in how to proceed with the reimbursement process can be found here. Example: In this screenshot you can see that the same amount has been payed to the Developer Fund.

Downloads can be found at the very top of the website, clicking the Download Wallet v3.1.1 link.

  • 1) Download the latest BUZZ bootstrap file. It's updated every 6 hours.
  • 2) Open your BUZZ Wallet application
  • 3) Make a backup of your wallet.dat (containing your coins) to a save place in the menu bar with File > Backup Wallet
  • 4) After you have made a backup of your wallet.dat, click the menu bar Tools > Open bootstrap folder
  • 5) Close the BUZZ Wallet application and confirm that the application is closed using Task Manager.
  • 6) Before extracting the downloaded delete everything (including all subfolders database, txleveldb etc.) in your bootstrap folder EXCEPT your wallet.dat file (this is your wallet containing your coins). All other files except wallet.dat should be deleted.
  • 7) Extract all files from the to your bootstrap folder
  • 8) Open your BUZZ Wallet application again
  • 9) Done

If your wallet says 2 years behind... after installing the latest bootstrap file you didn't install the bootstrap file correctly.

You must backup your wallet on a regular basis, especially when a new receive address was created.

Encrypt the wallet
  • Settings > Encrypt Wallet
  • Use a long password (40+ characters)
  • You can try
  • Make sure you save this password

If you lose it you lose access to your coins FOREVER!

Backup strategy and how do I backup my wallet
  • File > Backup Wallet
  • Save this to a safe place
  • You must export your private key
  • Make sure you create a fresh wallet.dat backup after every stake go confirmed, or after each time you send coins from the wallet

If you lose this and your computer crashes/breaks, you lose access to your coins FOREVER!

Unlock your wallet for staking
  • Settings > Unlock Wallet
  • This will allow you to stake but will still require a password to send coins

After block 940k, the maturation time is calculated via the algorithm below:

Maturation Time = (Current Supply in Billions / 1 Billion) * 8 hours

Coins require 189 confirmations before they are added to your spendable balance

When coins move from your Spendable to Stake balance, you will need to wait 189 confirmations before those coins are Spendable again.

This means that your coin input(s) are in a state of waiting before they are ready to begin having stake weight.

The maturing time for BUZZ coins is approx. 5.6 days before you start staking. This depends on the current circulating supply.

After maturing, your coins weight will be the same. BUT the age of the coins has increased, including this maturity time. So if you waited 6 days to mature, and then you wait another 5 days to get a stake, your staking reward will include 11 days worth of reward amount!

Please install a new bootstrap file. Follow the steps outlined here.

Yes, to stake and to help the network you must keep your wallet open 24/7. When you have the wallet open, which each block that passes and you verify you have the chance of getting a reward of it (this is a stake), also with each block that passes your stake rewards increase until you actually receive them and the process of staking begins again. If you close your wallet, your coins will ‘pause’ maturing and will continue where they left off when you re-open the wallet. The coins will not have to fully mature again.

It could be that your wallet is not unlocked. Please ensure that you have encrypted your wallet and have it unlocked for staking.

They are completely separate password entities. The private key has nothing to do with the passphrase used to encrypt the wallet. To open your GUI wallet, you need a PASSPHRASE, which will allow you to restore your wallet.dat.

If you do not have either of these, you can use the cli to restore your wallet addresses and funds using the importprivkey explained in a lower FAQ item, 'How do I restore my wallet with my private key backup?'.

You must fully unlock your wallet first - not just for staking!

This requires the use of the cli daemon, or the console utility within the GUI wallet to get your private key. To access the console within the GUI wallet, please click Help Window > Debug > Console. There type

and this will return a private key. This should be saved somewhere very secure, as this is your last line of restoring lost funds in case of complete loss of wallet.

Don't show the private key to anyone. This is the key to your coins.

You must obtain the private key for each of your receive addresses in the Receive-Tab.

  • Open your BUZZ Wallet application
  • In the menu bar go to Tools > Open bootstrap folder
  • Close the BUZZ Wallet application
  • Move your backup wallet file into the bootstrap folder and make sure it is named wallet.dat
  • Open your BUZZ Wallet application again
  • Done

This requires the use of the cli daemon, or the console utility within the GUI wallet to restore your backup. To access the console within the GUI wallet, please click Help Window > Debug > Console. There type

importprivkey YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY

This could take a minute so please be patient.

There is a good chance that your firewall is blocking 'UPNP'. This is not a bad thing, but could be interfering with your connections. Please go to Settings > Network and deselect the checkbox that says 'Map port using UPnP'. Clicking Apply, OK, closing and reopening your wallet should resolve the issue.

If this does not solve your issue, it is recommended to install the latest bootstrap as it is updated every 6 hours with the freshest peer connections for the BUZZ blockchain.

There are two places you can check. First, look at the visual indicator at the bottom left corner of the wallet, the one that looks similar to your mobile phones connection indicator. There, you can hover over the icon and a popover will have the connections count.

Secondly, you can click on the Help menu > Debug Window. On the Information tab, one of the items contains the connections you have.

If your wallet is fully sync'd, please hover over the check mark icon. This will have a block count. It can be verified with the latest blocks on the transactions page. Your block count might not match exactly, as sync propogation takes time across the network. If it is within 100 blocks, it is pretty sure you are on the correct chain. If your values are off by a much larger margin and it shows you are 'sync'd', you are probably not. Please ensure you are on the correct wallet version and install the latest bootstrap.

This is a feature of the original Bitcoin blockchain to protect your privacy.

  • Every time you send money your remaining coins are sent to a new address
  • You must backup the private key for each of these addresses
  • You will see them in the wallets receive tab
  • Make sure you create a fresh wallet.dat backup after every stake go confirmed, or after each time you send coins from the wallet

Using coincontrol you can move back your coins to your main address.

Here is a step by step guide on this procedure

  1. Create a private key backup of your MAIN_ADDRESS. SAVE THIS somewhere very safe. It is your emergency “save my BUZZ token” in case your wallet.dat is not recoverable.
    1. Help > Debug Window > Console
    2. dumpprivkey MAIN_ADDRESS
  2. Enable Coin Control.
    1. File > Settings/Preferences > Options > Enable Coin Control
  3. Watch this video on combining inputs. Combine them to your MAIN_ADDRESS.

These funds can be recovered at any time by doing the following:

  • Help > Debug Window > Console
  • importprivkey YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY

If you have multiple addresses, it is best to ensure that these are also backed up via the private key method above.

This is because you are running a copy of the OLD bootstrap that included a peers.dat file that contains a large amount of 2.1 or 3.0 peers.

Do not worry, nothing is wrong with your wallet or the BUZZ blockchain. It is simply because of the peers.dat file. The best remedy for this, to truly ensure everything is squeaky clean, is to simply download the latest bootstrap file from the website at This will ensure you are running the same base as the rest of the 3.1+ wallets in the wild, and will quickly synchronize you to the network.

We released a version 3.0 but had to release a small hotfix to version 3.1. Please upgrade directly to the 3.1.1 wallet and ensure you install the bootstrap that is available on the website. The full update guide is available there.

This will also mean that any staking rewards you have generated during this timeframe are also invalid. We are sorry that this has happened, but that is why we made many efforts for a week and a half prior to the fork to get everyone updated via all of our social media accounts and website. We are working on an In-Wallet RSS feed for updates to ensure that we have all points of contact covered.

The best thing you can do is immediately update to the 3.1.1 wallet. You will also need to update to the latest bootstrap that is available on the website, as the blocks you have generated since the 950k fork will be invalid on the updated blockchain that is created with the 3.1 release.

Each time that a change is made to the internal workings of the blockchain code, a technical “fork” happens in the chain. All updates to the wallet that increase in a major version number are therefore MANDATORY to update. If you do not update to the next wallet, before the fork, all of the staking or mining rewards generated rewards are technically invalid.

These invalid tokens are the “disappearing coins”. These are not disappearing coins, they are simply invalid because they were generated on the wrong blockchain.

This is why it is VERY IMPORTANT to update before the fork timing or the block on which the fork activates.

Please install the latest bootstrap via the website and use the repairwallet command mentioned above.

Next time, please follow the instructions. They are written there for a reason.

If you are experiencing any problems with your coin control inputs, please go to the Options menu and disable the coin control dialog and click apply. After it has been disabled in the user interface, please enable it again and click apply. Proceed to do coin control as usual.

This only happens on BUZZ Wallet 3.0. Please update To BUZZ Wallet 3.1

“Dust” in the cryptocurrency world, is defined as very small amounts of coin that, in the case of BUZZ, is often created as “leftover change” when doing coin control.

This dust is a separate input on your coin control inputs, usually remains “mature” forever because it never will stake as the network weight of that amount is so low. This “You are staking dust” will remain visible until your main input has matured.

Due to a large volume of complaints, this has been changed in 3.1. If you are still seeing this message, you need to update immediately!

Windows has increased their security for Windows Defender to warn users about downloading applications from unrecognized publishers. We have seen this and are working to get all executables we create in the future to be officially registered under the BUZZ publisher identity.
We are currently investigating what is the cause for this. From what we have seen on other software around the internet, it is related to the way it is being downloaded. It is caused by a false positive by the Windows Defender. In order to allow the program you must create an exception in windows defender to unblock the wallet.
  1. Click help > debug window > console
  2. type in: repairwallet
  3. You will receive an error, but just close.
  4. Wait 5-10 mins and if your balance doesn't update, close and re-open wallet
  • 1) It will take a few minutes to show up on the explorer. The explorer will always be 10 blocks behind compared to your wallet's block display.
  • 2) You did not update to Wallet 3.1 and are on an old blockchain
  • 3) You mined an orphane (generated but not accepted)
  • 4) Your coins might be on multiple receive addresses. You can check this in the Coin Control input screen
  • 5) If none of the above works see the “repairwallet” FAQ entry

If you are experiencing incorrect balances on your wallet, you might want to run the “checkwallet” command. If this comes back with a negative wallet health, you can run the “repairwallet” command in the console to repair this. After 5 to 10 minutes waiting, your balances should be fixed.

This only happens on BuzzCoin Wallet v3.1. Please update to BuzzCoin Wallet v3.1.1 now.

This is referred to as an orphan block. It means your wallet and another wallet on the blockchain attempted to be rewarded for the same block, but another wallet on the blockchain was faster. More info can be found here:

This is referred to as an orphan block. It means your wallet and another wallet on the blockchain attempted to be rewarded for the same block, but another wallet on the blockchain was faster. Since all wallets stake almost at the same time since the fork at block 950k, it is normal that you see hundreds or even thousands of orphanes mined in your transaction list. More info can be found here:

Staking does not depend on the amount of coins in your wallet. It depends solely on the coin age. Any amount will stake and there is no daily staking. See the maturation time FAQ for more information.

The maturing time for BUZZ coins at the current supply is approximately 7 days. The lightning bolt is a general indicator that will light up as soon as your coins are mature.

Only if you have been waiting for 5.6+ days and you haven't done any of the operations listed below, your coins will be matured.

The maturation time will reset when doing the following operations

  • After you've received a stake and it got confirmed
  • When you send from or have received coins to your wallet
  • When doing coin control

The maturation time is based on this formula

Maturation = (Current Supply / 1,000,000,000) * 8 hours


example = 17699772028 /  1,000,000,000 *8 hours = 141 hours = 5,89 days

The BuzzCoin Explorer shows the ROI and current maturation time.

Starting at block 940,000, the formula for the yearly reward at the time of receiving a stake is as follows:

Year Reward % = (1200 — (1200 * (Current Supply / Max Supply))



For example, with a Current Supply of 17,300,000,000 BUZZ. Get out your calculator, you’ll be just fine in figuring out what to expect in the future.

At the Max Supply of 20,000,000,000, Proof of Stake Rewards come to an end, as do the Proof of Work Rewards.

The BuzzCoin Explorer shows the ROI and current maturation time.

No, updating does not reset your maturation time because staking is based on coin age. More information about the maturation time can be found here.

Since BUZZ had no ICO, the only way we can continue to pay for development, infrastructure, marketing, bounties and other costs is to get donations from the public. We have an active Open Source Incentive Fund, as well as an Exchange Fund, that have been public since the end of September. Donations to this wallet have exceeded over 8 million BUZZ and have enabled us to pay for large amounts of work and ensure that we will be able to get listed on a few quality exchanges. We are very grateful to those members who have exclusively donated, and have awarded them insights into all of our projects ahead of time.

The initial wallet release comes with a 5% Donation Transaction per Stake Reward received. This can be changed at any time to a minimum of 5% settings > support development, or anything higher if you wish to further support development. This is the minimum acceptable value for us as it is critical for the future health of the coin in terms of development, and potential coin burns to ensure that we stay under the 20,000,000,000 max supply to ensure eternal Yearly Staking Rewards for all of our BUZZFAM.

The dev fee did not turn on until block 940k, around 17 billion supply. This leaves 3 billion, which will hopefully give the Development Fund no more than150 million (if you wish to increase this number increase the staking % donation!) before we hit max supply. We wish that this had been implemented earlier so that we could have gotten more, as 150m, at the current price of BUZZ, will be barely enough to cover infrastructure, hosting, mining, project and salaries of our core team.

Get in Contact

Feel free to message us at any time - we are active on Twitter, Facebook and Discord. Support will only be provided on the public BUZZcoin Discord in the #support channel.