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Our Mission

BUZZcoin™ is a non-profit blockchain implementation that aims to help save the worlds declining bee population.

By implementing blockchain technology into existing bee hives BUZZcoin aims to create a worldwide data network that collects beehive health data. The project brings together a diverse group of experts, developing a smart hive device prototype that will soon enter its field testing phase.

BUZZcoin is supporting the global effort to save the bees by providing collected data to scientific projects and organizations that focus on saving the worlds bee population. By providing this data to the network and being able to get highly accurate data from the hives, beekeepers are rewarded in cryptocurrency for their data collection. This will ensure a wide spread usage of the smart hive devices.

The core team's main focus when they started the BC-HMD™ Device development back in October 2017 was collecting industry specific research, primarily focusing on the smart hive technology. The teams experience in various industries is the driving force behind the prototype development. Transitioning the architecture of BUZZcoin from a proof-of-stake coin into one of the very few existing cryptocurrencies that have a real world application.

The network data provided - coupled with the features of a modern blockchain implementation - can truly revolutionize the entire beekeeping industry.

Save The Bees

Solving a Global Problem

We Need Bees

The work of bee populations around the world is critical to maintain organic variety and diversity in vegetation of all shapes and sizes across the planet. This not only includes farmed bee colonies, but also countless species of local bees. Humanity depends on bees and their activity. Our planets food chain will collapse without bees and their pollination.

The modern world of apiaries requires a safe, non-invasive tool that provides visibility into colony activity, hive health, active status and threat detection.

This insight will enable beekeepers to actively remain aware of what is happening with their hives whether on location or remotely.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the foundation for a global network providing interested parties (government agencies, research institutes, scientific studies) that are actively working on solutions to save the world wide bee population with highly accurate data of bee hives.


There are difficult challenges ahead - the tasks are highly complex and many things must change. Parts of the challenge is a rethinking in the usage of pesticides and chemicals in agriculture. Since we currently can't offer solutions to all existing problems our main goal is to increase global awareness in the way bee hives are maintained and monitored.

Our Solution

The BUZZcoin Hive Mind Device ("BC-HMD™") and its Queen Middleware Masternode ("BC-QMM™") are the BUZZcoin project's first products. Our innovative devices for beekeepers collect bee hive data in real-time and rewarding the users in cryptocurrency for providing the analytic data. This additional income will encourage the widespread usage of the BC-HMD. In addition to the hives health and threat detection, our technology will be able to measure if the bee hives are maintained according to ethical beekeeping standards.


The Device

The BUZZcoin™ Hive Mind Device, BC-HMD™ is a fully featured smart device with sensors for beehives utilizing precision monitoring, analytics and threat detection.

The BC-HMD does not require an internet connection, our app installed on a smartphone will gather the data via wifi from the BC-HMD and upload it the cloud when the smartphone is connected to the internet. There is an optional 4g module available that will allow the data stored on the BC-HMD to be synced with the cloud at standard intervals.

The digital signals produced by the BC-HMD are broadcast at intervals. However, these signals will not exceed a total of 8 minutes per day and we are researching the optimal sheilding cloth for the hives to further minimize exposure.

Using the optional 4g module Real time Alert Monitoring is available, sending any important alerts on different statuses immediately through available channels (Messaging, E-Mail, App) using the BUZZcoin HMD Software Suite.

The BC-HMD features include:
  • Acoustic Pattern Detection
    • Threat Detection
    • Colony Health Status
    • Weather Impact Data
  • Highly Accurate Weight Measurements
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Up to 6 month battery life
  • wifi (only for data download)
  • Optional 4g module

Weight Monitoring

The BC-HMD high precision scale offers extremely accurate weight monitoring. The BC-HMD Weight Sensor measures the change in weight every 10 minutes and uploads the data to the Hive Mind Network Cloud.

The BC-HMD allows tracking of the production and sends an alert if feeding for the colony is required. The recorded data of weight changes can also be displayed as a yearly chart to get an insight into each individual hive's productivity.

Acoustic & Environmental Measurement

The BC-HMD incorporates a highly sophisticated real-time acoustic monitoring sensor with pattern recognition and a threat detection engine. In addition, there is real time environmental monitoring for temperature, humidity and soil moisture distribution inside the hive.

The inclusion of this advanced monitoring reveals the status of the bee colony environment and behavior during seasonal phenomenons such as droughts, heat waves, and other shifts in environmental patterns.

The recorded data points and the analyzed data can help making optimal decisions that can lead to huge improvements in colony health awareness.

Queen Middleware Masternode

The Queen Middleware Masternode ("BC-QMM™") is a PoS cryptocurrency wallet that includes advanced software features. The BC-QMM is also the Hive Mind Network communication interface and responsible for uploading the data.

The staking percentage on the BC-QMM is set using a Smart Contract system that analyzes and rates the data received by the BC-HMD. All rewarded cryptocurrency is held secure and encrypted on the BC-QMM device.

Analytic Software Suite

The BC-HMD Analytics Software Suite offers a variety of features including:

  • Charts and Graphs For Data Analysis
  • Threat Detection Engine
  • Customizable Alert System
  • Help System
  • API Connectivity
  • Fully-featured Data Export
  • Cloud Data Storage
  • Data Sharing Options

Blockchain Integration

The BC-HMD™ and the BC-QMM™ provides the data that coupled with the features of the blockchain can truly revolutionize the entire beekeeping industry. Here is how we plan to do this based on a mandatory Core Upgrade:

How it works

Smart Contracts will power the BC-Hive Mind Network, the BC-HMD and the BC-QMM. The smart hive devices will take care of the transmission and data analyzation as well as determining the rewards according to a range of predefined parameters calculated using the collected data.

The system is straight forward. The BC-HMD collects its data and either saves it locally until it is downloaded or uploads the data directly if a network connection is available. After the upload the data is processed in the cloud and a reward rate is calculated.

This reward rate is then being sent to the BC-QMM device that comes with the BC-HMD.
 Smart Contracts will also monitor data quality (health of the hive). If the data quality does not match the predefined parameters, the BC-HMN™ (Hive Mind Network) will take measures to help beekeepers increase their scores with educational resources, as bee health is our priority.

Data Upload

For hive sites where a permanent wifi or 4G connection is available, uploading of BC-HMD data will be done in real time to a paired certified BC-QMM device.

For hive locations where no network connection is possible, the hive data is stored in the BC-HMD memory and must be downloaded to a smartphone or laptop on location. As soon as an internet connection becomes available to these devices the data will be uploaded automatically to the BC-QMM device.

Complimenting the blockchain integrations mentioned above, the data will not only be available to active nodes, but also through an API service. This tiered API service will be targeted to government agencies, research institutes and support scientific studies.

Hive Mind Network

Global Network

After the data from a BC-HMD™ has been uploaded to the BC-HMN™ (Hive Mind Network) it will be automatically analyzed and made available to the beekeeper and can also be offered to researchers, scientists and special interest groups worldwide.

The data in the BUZZcoin Hive Mind Network can be used to determine historical trends, help predict future developments, support scientific studies, truly monitor health statistics of beehives and also provide information about ethical practices and more around the entire globe.

As more devices are connected to the network the data will get more granular and can be utilized to develop new features.

Reward System

The data collected by the BC-HMD device is analyzed and rated according to set ethical bee keeping standards and a reward class is set for the Queen Middleware Masternode Device. The masternodes will adjust the rewards according to the data received from the BUZZcoin Hive Mind Network. This ensures that hives that are maintained within the optimal parameters receive the highest PoS rewards.

Details about the reward system will be announced after the BUZZcoin Core Upgrade and the BC-HMD prototype testing phase have been completed.

Next Phase

The prototype of the BC-HMD is already 90% completed but we are currently bound to a Non-disclosure agreement by the hardware developer and hardware manufacturer. The NDA does not allow us to publish photos of the current prototype stage but we will update the white paper accordingly as soon as we receive a clearance for publishing.

Marketing & Partnerships


The development on the prototype started as early as October 2017, since then the core team is building up strong ties with future partners for marketing, production and implementation of the BC-HMD™. The core team was already able to get various real world partners involved, signing non-disclosure agreements and contracts.

The market for smart hive solutions is very competitive, therefore it is required that we do not reveal our partnerships at this time. More information will be released as soon as the BC-HMD enters its field testing phase, and the marketing campaign is ready. Rest assured that the core team will do everything in their power to drive the project forward as quickly as possible.

Prototype Development

The BC-HMD prototype development started in late 2017. Thanks to the connections of the core team, an agreement with a developer was signed. The developer is not only an experienced 3rd generation beekeeper, but as well a scientific engineer that has been working on smart hive monitoring solutions for almost a decade.

The developer, who prefers not to disclose his real identity due to his involvement in scientific government projects, is also an expert in pesticide and parasite impacts on beehives.The developer is working on its 7th generation smart hive monitoring solution - now developing a tailored solution for the BUZZcoin Project. The device is now 90% complete and work on the blockchain and software integration can start in the near future. That will lead to a field testing in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

The core team is very excited to have such an expert working on the BC-HMD. His approach on the acoustic pattern detection engine is something that has not been seen before on the market. Such high tech requires patenting. That's why we have chosen to sign an NDA with the developer and the production company that will build the BC-HMD prototypes for field testing, as well as the production devices later on. Due to the NDA in place we are currently not allowed to release more details about the device or its features in detail.

Marketing Strategy

After the successful relaunch of the BUZZcoin™ website the design direction and brand strategy has been refined and optimized in the last few weeks. With the release of the white paper and the roadmap, our marketing team will intensify their work on promoting BUZZcoin, BC-HMD and the BC-HMN™.

Our marketing experts team with years of experience in large scale corporations, will allow us to get BUZZcoin and its projects promoted to a new level. Getting the attention of the media, press and social media is the most important mission of our marketing team. When the BC-HMD enters the field testing phase the marketing team will release educational materials and videos about the device, creating global awareness about the diminishing worldwide bee population.

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